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Dating relationship counseling

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If you have been reaching toward your goal for six months or more, and still don't see the progress you want, then by all means, reach out for help. Caution, if you have been seeing someone individually for a few months or longer, you may find that your partner is resistant or even, intimidated to visit YOUR therapist.

If this is the case, give him the task of finding someone HE likes for you both to see. It gives you an opportunity to talk with them and see if they specialize in your presenting issue.

Here are some trigger points and behaviors that are signs you may need help.1. Many relationship challenges are simply challenges in communication.

A therapist can help facilitate new ways to communicate with each other.

We believe we're getting the fairytale when we get married.

You know: meet "the one," have a whirlwind courtship, and live happily ever after.

Sure, we all have our complaints and negative aspects within the relationship, but it is easier to increase the positives than decrease the negatives (although, a good therapist will help you do both! Instead of concentrating on negative behaviors ("We need therapy because you do everything wrong! —Anne Crowley Here are 4 tips for talking to your partner about entering counseling:—Anne Crowley, Psychologist & Debra Gordy, Marriage Educator/Life Coach4. See if they offer an initial consultation, during which you can consider: Answers to these questions are all clues that you have found a compatible pro with whom to work. How do we know if couples counseling is actually working for us? Be sure the therapist is totally involved, focused, and offers meaningful feedback.Jill Lee has been working as a Web writer since 2007.Her favorite topics include fitness, nutrition, pets, gardening and technology. Lee is currently pursuing a degree in health information management at Western Nebraska Community College.So, when your relationship is strained, have you ever considered going to therapy?In my experiences, for some individuals “couples therapy” is a stigmatized term accompanied with shame and perceived failure.Other counselors encourage couples to take part in one-on-one sessions in addition to joint sessions.Premarital counseling focuses on helping couples identify challenges they may face in their marriage and helping them overcome or deal with the weaknesses in their relationships.Once communication has deteriorated, it's hard to get it going back in the right direction.2. Negative communication includes anything that leaves one partner feeling judged, shamed, disregarded, insecure or wanting to withdraw from the conversation.Negative communication also includes the tone of conversation because it’s not always what you say, but 3. When it's just too frightening to even bring issues up, whether it be sex, money, or even annoying little habits being blown out of proportion.Therapy offers a way to break patterns, create change and find something different in life. It is not uncommon for one spouse to show more interest or motivation in seeking out therapy.It is wise to enlist the help and guidance of a professional whenever you can't find the solutions to the problems you have or the questions you are asking, or the goal you are trying to accomplish in your marriage is not coming together, in spite of your best efforts. One way to bring up therapy, especially if you have seen an individual counselor, is to tell your partner that his participation would be beneficial (i.e., offers the therapist another perspective).