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A series of ten galleries brings the rich history of The Coca‑Cola Company to life through exhibits featuring some of its most prized possessions such as a circa 1880s soda fountain, 1939 delivery truck from Argentina and the Coca‑Cola contour bottle.

The very first Coca‑Cola was served at a soda fountain like the one found at the beginning of Milestones of Refreshment.

The spacecraft is in the process of beaming back science and engineering data collected during its passage, via NASA's Deep Space Network Goldstone Complex in California's Mojave Desert. Because that gap is a region no spacecraft has ever explored, Cassini will use its dish-shaped high-gain antenna (13 feet or 4 meters across) as a protective shield while passing through the ring plane.

In the evening, dine at one of the walled city’s garden restaurants like Ilustrado, or catch a cultural show with dinner at Barbara’s, also at Plaza San Luis Complex.

Later on this bike, which became known as the Draisine, shifted from its common use to versions that were designed specifically to be used on railroads (which meant 4 wheeled versions), however despite that, this bike was the beginning of cycling’s 200 year 2-wheeled reign.

This terrifying-sounding thing is actually the first bicycle to have front-wheel pedals.

Getting to know you: Intramuros Great for a first date, or a fun date in the early stages of your relationship Walk the cobblestone streets and take in the charming, old-world architecture dating back hundreds of years.

Explore plazas and gardens with archways and fountains, like the Plaza San Luis Complex.

Antonio’s is recognized as the country’s best restaurant in the Miele Guide, the authoritative guide book to Asian restaurants.

If you and your partner are adventurous types, before you have that leisurely lunch you can start the day early and take a boat to Taal Volcano, then trek for at least 30 minutes or ride a horse to the crater to see one of the country’s most beautiful lakes.

This particular soda fountain is actually older than Coca‑Cola and dates back to the early 1880s, which makes it the second oldest artifact in the World of Coca‑Cola.

As you journey through the galleries you will notice a Chevrolet Delivery Truck.

Click on any of the images in the timeline below for the story related to that time period, or select any of the links at the left for a listing of chronological events, modern milestones and references to additional sources of information.

For further information on catalogs, historic Sears homes, products, brands or stores, select the appropriate link at the top of the page.