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21 Businesses Even though the way to the heart is often found through the stomach, what do you do when it's full?Here's a list of fun date ideas, places to go for movies, and coffee joints to just talk afterwards.When it is a bluebird day, right after a snowstorm, and the trees are all white, the snow is soft, and the girl sitting next to me on the chairlift has my heart. It’s something that I’ve never done and it would be nice to go with someone, and be able to go hiking in that sense and chat.Something about that draws you together in a way that nothing else does. Afterwards, we could go and have a nice meal near some fire and just get to know each other.” “Ice fishing is not an easy date and takes some planning, but it allows you to be one with nature and go out to catch something and make it for dinner.If it’s your anniversary, or if you’re just feeling fancy, pull out your favorite pair of pumps and fanciest dress and take your dapper man out for some fine dining at The Roof Restaurant at Temple Square. Pioneer Park is bustling with vendors, people, puppies, and music.Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Salt Lake City Temple and watch the sunset go down right from your dinner table. Spend your Saturday morning with your fingers interlaced with your man’s while walking the farmer’s market aisles, picking up fresh veggies and fruit for your afternoon picnic together.In all seriousness, this place is seriously the coolest place I have been to since I last visited the Children's Museum.This is a great place to bring the kids, a date, or your girlfriends for a craft day.

There is something magical about letting a relationship flourish while doing something you love.Never have I walked into a place and thought/said aloud "Omg! " so many times in my life, and trust me, that's a feat in and of itself.The entire place is an arts and crafts enthusiast's dream, full of ceramics, both ready to paint and examples that are literally so cute that I kind of want to vomit.Strapping on the bindings, then letting the boards run.“Laughing, charging down the mountain, and hitting every little bump and rise with more excitement than usual: other dates really can’t compete with that. As long as both are well dressed on a sunny day, even in 0 degree weather with the sunlight reflecting back, it can actually be t-shirt weather.” “Building an igloo is a great idea for a date for many reasons: spending time outdoors in the fresh winter air, being able to work on something together while having conversation, and don’t forget about the spontaneous snowball fights.That sort of connection lasts a lifetime; sharing those moments with someone you are dating makes the connection that much stronger. We went through a Mc Donald’s drive-thru on one of our rides. Later on warming up with hot cocoa and a bonfire beside the igloo that you and your date (or group date) built is a bonding experience. But that is why having a group date works so well for this activity.“To build the igloo map out a circle in the snow.While not everyone is as artistically talented as I am (you've never seen stick figures as epic as mine), there are aids to assist the artistically uninspired.They have tons of stencils, idea books, pre-made/pre-painted ceramics as examples, and super helpful staff members to show you different methods for designs.We have a tip for all you singles in Salt Lake City - if you met someone online, make the first date an easygoing one.You don’t yet know if there’s chemistry and to discover you both need to relax.At first blush, or in this case, snowflake, winter can pose a challenge to the Utah dating scene.Dinner and the theater is a beloved classic staple, but Utahns like to go above and beyond when it comes to spending time with that special someone, particularly when it involves hot chocolate and a crackling fire to set the mood.