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As a result, Helena moved between being a murderous vigilante and a hero respected by the cape-wearing community.On , Helena’s operating in a similar vein, targeting her own family this time to get revenge for the death of her fiance.When started, I purposefully sat on the Merlyn thing since I knew some folks might be interested in seeing Tommy fall from snarky rich dude to master archer and rival to Oliver, and that Merlyn—unlike, say, Deathstroke—wasn’t as widely known outside the comics fandom, so it would be a pleasant arc for viewers fresh to the property.But now there are two possibilities for the series to introduce a major Green Arrow baddie in its own way, two characters who may develop (or who already have) reasons to go after the Hood on their own terms.

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Because of the fierce-looking default faces, if you ever meet a good-looking Finnish engineer in the Otaniemi campus @Aalto for example, it’s tempting to just think There is a perception that Finnish boys are NOT approachable.

HOWEVER, when you think this way, other girls think this way too.

The man who gives his emotional world away too easily robs women of the satisfaction of earning his love.

Though you may be in love with her, don’t say it before she has said it.

Knowing this episode was next, I did my duty as a reviewer and refreshed myself on a lot of Helena Bertinelli’s history and whatnot over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Had I been aware that I should’ve brushed up on my on Merlyn the Archer knowledge instead, I WOULD HAVE DONE THAT. The whole John Barrowman’s Well-Dressed Man being Tommy’s dad thing?

I told myself bait-and-switch is the oldest sales tool in the world, and it’s my fault for falling for it. Like, “The topic of priorities is an interesting one.

Cut to the chase: Tell people who are full of sh*t that they’re full of sh*t When his book came out, there were vacuous, annoying comments all over my blog directing people to his book.

Never say ‘I Love You’ first Women want to feel like they have to overcome obstacles to win a man’s heart.

They crave the challenge of capturing the interest of a man who has other women competing for his attention, and eventually prevailing over his grudging reluctance to award his committed exclusivity.