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Barely three months before graduation, he dropped-out of school after a skirmish with the acting school directress, the cause - religious difference.It seemed to be the end in his education and career as he was expected by everyone to become a famous lawyer, a doctor or a brilliant scientist in the future. His interest in the Holy Book was parked by his membership in the religion of his parents.After lunch comes the highlight of their day, a three-hour long preaching by the man himself, Bro.Eliseo Soriano, host of the television show "Ang Dating Daan." The crowd cheers as he steps on-stage. I am definite about what I say," he declares on the podium. The controversial television evangelist has worked long and hard to reach that podium.Instead of pursuing an academic education, Soriano chose to devote himself to the study of the Bible.His family was a member of the religious group "Iglesia ng Diyos kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Suhay ng Katotohanan," founded in 1936 by Nicolas Perez, a former minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

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In 1980, Soriano, popularly known as Brother Eli, a member of The Church Of God, approached Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC 13) and various radio stations to propose a religious program that would discuss the teachings of the Bible.” ―GOD (Psalm ) JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!!! fold in 1922 probably after learning that Jesus Christ was Mighty God but “not” the Almighty God and proceeded to establish the Iglesia Verdadero de Cristo. Unknown to many, he was said rumored to be groomed as the successor of Perez after he dies.“I am the way, the truth, and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father, BUT BY ME.” —Jesus Christ (John 14:6) Perez along with Teofila Ora left the I. It did not took long for the two former leaders of I. In 1975 just after Perez’ death, some members were stunned when the leadership was passed on to Levita Gugulan, a woman.However, it turned out later on that there was not really a twist of fate but rather a manifestation of God's work of hand bringing him to his real destiny. Baptized in the congregation-Members of the Church of God in Christ Jesus, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth in the Philippines under the leadership of the late Nicolas Perez, on April 7,1964 at the age of 17, he was so zealous in his religion.The Bible has been his constant companion since then, faithfully seeking, asking and finding all answers from the Holy Scripture.In 2000, Soriano and the members of The Church Of God launched The Members Of The Church Of God International.They started to reach a wider audience by broadcasting globally through the Internet.Update 4-Jan-2003: Now since the highest court of the land (the Philippine Supreme Court) ruled, once in for all, in favor of Gugulan's group, the name of Soriano's church was drastrically changed to: He spreads his teachings through the radio waves and lately used the television and internet facilities.He is fond of vehemently opposing various religious groups by attacking their non-essential doctrines like tithing and church appellations, as well as, personalities of a number of religious leaders.At first, Soriano might have yielded to that decision but it did not take long before he along with a few others rebelled against Gugulan’s leadership.They believed that women as leaders in church are not biblically supported.