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The Breyer Molding Company created their first model horses in 1950 to accompany a clock.

Later, Breyer Animal Creations further developed the model horse concept.

Its first model horse, the # 57 Western Horse, made its appearance in 1950. The company was then flooded with requests from people who saw it and wanted to know if they could purchase just the horse! Top brands such as Stieff, Corgi and Britains were staples of the Reeves International portfolio.

I have been collecting Breyer model horses since the early 1970s and in 2001 created Identify Your Breyer in order to better share this wonderful hobby with others.

The site is entirely free to use, with hosting costs paid by advertising revenues and your purchases made through this Identify Your Breyer is a reference site and can be treated as such.

A Breyer horse is one such model of the animal that draws buyers to obtain and collect its many varieties.

Breyer horses are miniature model horses made from a form of plastic called cellulose acetate, or from porcelain, resin, or bronze.

Today, under the Reeves International umbrella, Breyer manufactures plastic, porcelain, and resin model horses, animals and accessories for play and collecting.

Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are all handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes.

You may also copy and print information found here for use in documenting your model horse show entries and use site material as part of your forum post, blog, or hobby article, provided that your work is substantially original.

In other words, using site photos and information in your article on, say, the history of Breyer's "red roan" color is fine, but a blog post documenting all of the releases on a given Breyer mold or breed, using only photos and text found on this site, is not.

Humans regard horses as majestic creatures, worthy companions on long journeys.

Such traits make them sought-after fixtures in homes, in many different forms.