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And teens who keep hurting themselves are less likely to learn how to deal with their feelings in healthy ways.

Also, once you start self-injuring, it may be hard to stop.

Whether it's to signal the end of a relationship or a new promotion at work — there is usually a direct correlation between what's happening on our heads and what's happening in our lives.”Amen.

The hair goddesses up above couldn't have said it more articulately than our expert.

Ellie (by everyone)El (by everyone)Bad-Rhymer (self-appointed)Girlfriend (by Marco)Marco's honey (by Spinner)Bloodless Freak Bag (by Amy)Marilyn Manson (by Jason Mewes)Nash (by Marco and Craig)Chick on Sticks (by Leo Davies)Honey (by Leo)Mom (by Marco)Frosh (by Jesse)The new Core tramp (self-appointed)Smelly Mc Snootypants (by Manny)Craig's shadow (by Manny)Blood Sucking Vampire (by Amy)Old Lady (by Holly J.)Champ (by Marco)Hun (by Paige)Sweetie (by Paige)Stupid Klutz (self-appointed)Gloomy One (by Marco)Fireball Redhead (by Danny)Vampire (by Paige) Eleanor "Ellie" Nash is a Class of 2006 graduate of Degrassi Community School.

Ellie began her freshman year in Season 2 as the new goth girl.

After all, what is a more powerful way to embark on a journey of personal transformation than to begin with the literal cutting off of the old and starting anew?

Once those ever-so-shiny silver scissors snip away at our split, broken ends, all that has been damaged and abused in our lives falls onto the salon floor, gets swept up and tossed into the garbage alongside our old hair, never to be seen again. It's akin to the feeling of checking heavy baggage at the airport and finally being free to run around with just your coin purse. Because what most people neglect to realize is when a woman cuts her hair — she's cutting off SO MUCH MORE: Society has the notion of beauty all mixed up.

' she cries, going over to him and attempting to revive him, 'Babe, it was just a joke!

'However, when he comes round he fails to see the funny side and hauls himself up the floor, much subdued.

I check my phone constantly waiting for you to answer, and yet you never do.

You post things…Words Words Tramp and more The girl runs awayshe slams the doorshe takes a knifeand cuts her skinremembering how screwed up her life has beenshe leans to the toiletthrows up to be thinat school all she has is a grin She cuts cuts cuts some more Screaming in pain, blood on the floor People…