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Stableford also suggests that supernatural horror set primarily in the real world is a form of "contemporary fantasy", whereas supernatural horror set partly or wholly in "secondary worlds" should be described as "dark fantasy".Additionally, other authors, critics, and publishers have adopted dark fantasy to describe various other works.But anything is possible here from White Wolf rules to totally Freeform styles.The Vampire and Gothic legends have come true and this is their domain.The term itself may refer collectively to tales that are either horror-based or fantasy-based.

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Humans, elves, and fae are all cultivated by the various races that feed upon them.The Island of the Damned is home to the exiled anthromorphs and theriathropes whose blood is undesirable for both vampire and demon. Vvrock’uvin, the Underdark City of Wicked Pleasure, home to the drow where females rule through fear, whips and torture. A lush, tropical sea port, Midnight Isle appears to be an island paradise, an emerald jewel, thought all is not what it seems.Lost souls often find themselves deposited in the jungles or the on the beach, plucked from their home worlds and abandoned on the island to find a new life. 24 princes-horror-cen: 15 11 Kristen's Archive: 10 afterdarkfantasies: 10 8 7 Female Captives: 5 Deadskirts Forum: 5 Deadskirts Forum: 5 psycho-thrillers.c: 5 auutwvpt2zktxwng.o: 5 /com/: 4 Alt. Stories: 4 4 Clicking on any of these links will take you to Weirdand Name = Sort Alphabetically**** = Sort by Star Rating POP = Sort by Popularity NEW = Sort by Newest 1st *Alphabetical sort begins with random letter.British Citizens: Many Death Fetish webmasters are blocking British traffic because of the violent porn law.On Midnight Isle you will meet others who are looking for sizzling romance, those to collar or those to serve. Vampires are at war with Demons and the other races — Humans and Elves — are caught in-between. are credited with having coined the term "dark fantasy"—although both authors were describing different styles of fiction.Brian Stableford argues "dark fantasy" can be usefully defined as subgenre of stories that attempt to "incorporate elements of horror fiction" into the standard formulae of fantasy stories.