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"It really got started from [my new single] ' I'm Coming Over.' It's taking the best of where I've been and showing everybody where I'm going at the same time." Without further ado, let's play 10 fun icebreakers! You're often listed as one of country's hottest bachelors. And what is something you maybe used to dislike about your physical appearance, but now you love? They are both awesome, and I'm a comic book nerd, and they are both in together. And then, I've had a beard for so long that I think people think I'm super comfortable with it, but when I first started growing a beard, there was red and brown in it and all sorts of colors. "I think I'm probably as good as sticking to rules in relationships as everybody else is."That's like five questions, but I'll do it! I thought it was so weird and maybe that I shouldn't have a beard, but once I got one, I don't know that I've actually... I think there's always an exception to the rule. Some people hear the song and think it's a breakup song, and some people hear where they are in their life.

That's kind of why we wrote this and why we picked it as the first single."3. "I have actually sung the anthem for a game he was playing in. I'll randomly pick five of them, and you tell me how you met/why you follow them.I figured you weren't going to ask me about my cat eye [makeup]! Self-assured and wise beyond his years, it's no surprise that Young has had as much success as he has.With four albums to his credit (and a fifth studio album due November 13), six No. Press play on the video below to hear the song, which will have big shoes to fill.The track follows “I’m Comin’ Over,” Young’s first single from his newest project, which hit No. Young decided to ask Pope to sing with him on “Think of You” after watching her perform at an acoustic radio station event.She was his first ask — and she, obviously, said yes.“She’s definitely somebody that can sing her butt off,” Young tells The Boot of Pope.Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s divorce has been barely official for three months, but the country music singers aren’t exactly sitting at home and crying over each other.Blake Shelton was rumored to be hooking up with his Voice co-star Gwen Stefani – but it’s actually his ex-wife Miranda Lambert that is getting all of the action.Juggling this many guys isn’t exactly helping Miranda’s case and convincing the world that she wasn’t cheating on Blake. Which guy do you think would be the best match for Miranda?