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I shook his hand and explained Kornev Igor that we are in some way familiar.
New Testament Survey For those whom seek to study about the Bible's New Testament, this resource is provided to guide you in a systematic way.

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In particular it should be noted that, for many countries, the University recognises significant variance between institutions and that, for example, a score of 70% from one university is not the same as a score of 70% from another university.

I think the problem comes in with their view that the undergrad is 3 years and a master another 2, therefore if you have an underground degree that lasted 4 years, it wouldn´t be considered enough for a Spanish equivalent of master.The most common undergraduate degree is the bachelor's degree, although in some countries lower qualifications are titled degrees (e.g.associate degrees in the US or foundation degrees in the UK) while in others a higher-level first degree is more usual.The 1,500 institutions offering graduate degrees in the USA aren’t all the same type of university.There are several categories of institutions, each offering different expectations, experiences and degree types.At this point, they will still ask you if you did 3 years (diplomatura) or 5 years (licenciatura).Now granted, those of us from the States have spent different periods of times at the university (example, I did undergrad in 3.5 years, and finished my masters in a couple of years).If you are in any doubt please contact us or your department to discuss your application.Satisfying the grade requirement of your course is only one aspect of the application and does not guarantee admission.“No other European institution has spread over the entire world in the way in which the traditional form of the European university has done.The degrees awarded by European universities—the bachelor’s degree, the licentiate, the master’s degree, and the doctorate—have been adopted in the most diverse societies throughout the world." The right to grant a licentia docendi was originally reserved to the church which required the applicant to pass a test, to take oath of allegiance and pay a fee.