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Consolidating student loans and mortgages dating sties

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(You can see how your credit standing affects your cost of debt over time using this calculator.) Unfortunately, many borrowers who would qualify to refinance don’t even realize the option exists for federal loans – mostly because it only became available in the past few years.But as awareness grows, so does the number of borrowers who take advantage of refinancing.The competitive job market might even force you into getting a post-graduate degree just to find a decent paying job.After six to eight years of study and several student loans, finding a student loan consolidation plan might seem like the best way to manage your debt.If done properly, consolidating your student loans can make getting a mortgage easier.A mistake in your consolidation planning can make getting a house even more difficult.

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Furthermore, the best student loan consolidation can also help you reduce the interest rate you’ve been paying.

The Direct Consolidation Loan program is the right choice if your goal is to simplify the process and keep your options open for the many repayment plans available for federal loans. Your rate is determined by the weighted average of the interest on the loans being consolidated rounded up to the nearest one-eighth of 1%.

For most recent grads the two biggest financial goals are buying a house and paying off student loans.

But borrowers whose finances and credit improve after graduation may find they’re eligible for lower rates through a private lender.

This is particularly the case for mature borrowers who take out higher-rate federal unsubsidized or PLUS loans for graduate, MBA or professional degree programs.

Unfortunately, the steps taken to accomplish one goal can get in the way of the other if you are not careful.

The classic example of this conflict comes with student loan consolidation and trying to qualify for a mortgage.

Most of them could streamline the repayment process by consolidating their student loans. Get Financial Help Now It simplifies repayment and could save you money.

It is quite common for people with student loans to deal with 10-12 lending institutions, which means 10-12 payments and 10-12 due dates each month.

Finally, we will offer a few tips on how to best manage your school loan consolidation, including programs to help you consolidate federal student loans and a few options for the best private student loan debt consolidation.

If you are like most student, your meager earnings from a part-time job and the small scholarships you received weren’t enough to cover the rising costs of tuition, food, housing, books, and other expenses related to life in college.