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Shining the spotlight on everything from emerging multimedia, mobile usage and smartphones designs, Trend Hunter’s tech category is showcasing the latest developments in cutting-edge technology.Drug prices continue to rise uncontrolled Despite the public shaming of Valeant and Mylan, little is done by Congress to curtail or rollback price increases that far outpace inflation. R.2366 – Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy Act of 2017On 5/4/17 Rep.Summer Chandler of Georgia State University College of Law and Attorney Phil Lamos, Chief Legal Counsel to Chapter 13 Trustee Craig Shopneck, in an ethics program on how to navigate social media.They will answer questions such as: Although the facts of the case (not to mention Spanos’ portrayal of same) are somewhat humorous, Attorney Spanos brings a great reminder that even the most ludicrous case demands professional attention.Our biggest bust was on the PCSK9’s—we predicted these new cholesterol drugs would be blockbusters. We were also wrong when we predicted wearables would become medically useful treatments.And, to our surprise, there were more setbacks than breakthroughs in continuous biosensors, devices such as glucose monitors for diabetics. Here are our 10 healthcare industry predictions for 2017: Obamacare will change less than Republican rhetoric suggests While “repeal” has been the mantra of Republicans for the past five years, a desire to keep popular provisions of the law—such as the requirement that people cannot be denied access to coverage based on their medical condition—and to avoid extreme angst from 20 million American voters by disrupting their existing coverage, will make “repeal” symbolic and not substantive.Not only does it immerse the viewer in the setting of an assisted suicide clinic, but it allows you to make a choice that will determine whether your virtual life will terminate right there, or if you’ll carry on living.‘The choice the viewer makes directly impacts the outcome of the film and also allows for choices to be polled to help spark debate on this sensitive issue,’ the creator explains on the website.A trailer for the film reveals an eerie glimpse into the virtual reality experience, asking, ‘What would your last moments look like?A communication from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, transmitting, pursuant to law, the amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Finally, the changes are final: EC-1497.A communication from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, transmitting, pursuant to law, the amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure The Academy is pleased to present Professor B.