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Bind9 slave not updating

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This means that if the server does not know the answer, it will just tell the client (usually some kind of resolving DNS server) that it does not know the answer and give a reference to a server that may know more.

Authoritative-only DNS servers are often a good configuration for high performance because they do not have the overhead of resolving recursive queries from clients.

Unless you are using Power DNS with My SQL or Postgre SQL replication (which is off topic for this discussion) this is a procedure that is normally done manually.

By manually I mean there is no standard procedure for doing this.

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In this scenario, you may want your Active Directory zones hosted on your already existing infrastructure.

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Ils sont produits par l'IETF ( Internet Engineering Task Force) au sein de l'IAB (Internet Architecture Board). Bien que le protocole TCP/IP ait été développé bien avant que le modèle OSI apparaisse, ils ne sont pas totalement incompatibles.

L'architecture OSI est définie plus rigoureusement, mais ils disposent tous deux d'une architecture en couches.

Typically, as recommended by Microsoft, your Active Directory domains should be hosted on a Windows DNS server.

However, since Windows DNS is strongly based on BIND DNS version 9, a BIND server may also host Active Directory domains.

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est l'abréviation de Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

Ce protocole a été développé, en environnement UNIX, à la fin des années 1970 à l'issue d'un projet de recherche sur les interconnexions de réseaux mené par la DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) dépendant du Do D (Department of Defense) Américain.