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If you suspect your boyfriend has a secret girlfriend, you owe it to yourself to clear the air and find out where you stand. Theoretically, there are men who cheat and there are some who are faithful to their girlfriends or spouses.

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“You will see how all these girls, women, ladies are being treated with so much respect and so much care from all of us.We genuinely care for each and every girl that is in this show.” Giuliana Rancic, who is co-hosting “Ready for Love” with her husband, Bill, agrees.A fascinated caller asked O' Connell about his reaction to the claims. Literally, I put some gel in my hair, that's what we did in the '90s, and I went down there, and I gotta tell you, it was working. We were drinking champagne and I was thinking, ' This is going to go down.'" Unfortunately, the was dating "a very famous star named Luis Miguel" at the time, O' Connell said."For those of you who don't know, Giuliana Rancic is a personality on another network," the Despite their sticky past, O' Connell only had kind things to say about his ex-girlfriend. "He came in with his security team and everything, and I was like, out of that trailer.... So that means that whichever way you cut it, Giuliana Rancic is out of a job. news job, but she’s out of a lucrative contract, and that’s gotta sting for everybody – including her husband.On top of that bad news, there are rumors that Giuliana and Bill are having troubles – again – with their marriage.

The Rancics hosted the Hormel Gatherings Great Play-On Party for the Bears game on Sunday at Chicago bar Old Town Social, then jetted to Los Angeles for work. A., and we're spending more time in Chicago than we were before, so we're lucky to have both. Giuliana: It's nice that in a 24-hour period we got to play in the snow with Duke and then play on the sand in L. I think it's great for him and his growth to give him those experiences. Giuliana: It's been even better than I expected and easier. News" for about three years and we were trying to find the right time to do it. It was so much fun but I needed to be challenged in different ways and I was lucky enough to build businesses throughout the years. Giuliana, you've had a very public struggle with breast cancer. What's nice about what I did with the double mastectomy is that I don't have to keep doing it. We're lucky to have careers where we can incorporate family into what we're doing, like when we're on TV or working with restaurants, we're able to incorporate Duke, so it works out great.

I'm not from Chicago, but it's an amazing city -- my favorite city in the world. It's just been incredible period of growth in a short period of time and I've never felt more fulfilled in my entire life than I do in this very moment. What was it like for you to have to respond to that and hear that kind of criticism? I would do an awards show and look at my social media and so many comments were about my weight rather than the actual show itself. I have an amazing husband, amazing child, a beautiful family and I think so many of us wake up in the morning and see what we don't have and forget what we have. Hopefully we can get a brother or sister for Duke in the coming year.

I'm at home more, I can be with my family, yet I'm accomplishing more professionally and it's been a real blessing. When I realized it was starting to cross into my work and started to be distracting from my work I realized, you know what, I have nothing to hide. I've talked about infertility and breast cancer and that was something I had to address.

‘Get the Girl’ is a deconstruction of what makes an attractive person, and a roadmap for becoming that yourself.

special and his co-host Giuliana Rancic was also seen on the carpet.

Obviously, that means that Giuliana Rancic is out of a job right now, but even if the show comes back, it’s very very unlikely that Giuliana will return to it.

The show is simply not going to risk that level of negative backlash, just to bring her back.

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Complete this sentence: “Women who appear on reality dating shows are _____.” Bet you didn’t say “empowered.” Yet the producers of NBC’s new “Ready for Love,” in which professional matchmakers try to find soul mates for a trio of eligible bachelors, insist its show empowers the female contestants as well as the audience.

“Once you see the show, you will see that empowerment,” said bachelor Ernesto Arguello at “Ready for Love’s” press tour panel.