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Il est aussi la première et dernière personne à avoir détenu le titre de Miss Wrestle Mania, qu'il a remporté deux fois sous le pseudonyme de Santina Marella Carelli a commencé sa carrière sur le Ontario circuit indépendant sous le nom Johnny Geo Basco, ses débuts avec une victoire de disqualification sur Xhibit (maintenant Rico Montana) dans le match d'ouverture d'un spectacle Anneau Wars dans Orangeville, Ontario, le 17 Août, 2003.Dans la seconde moitié de 2004, Carelli a lutté quatre matches pour Battlarts au Japon, sous le nom Johnny Geo Basco. Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan to win the World Heavyweight Championship.(This was one hell of a quick title change that I immediately cracked up after I saw it.) 2. Big Show beat Cody Rhodes to win the Intercontinental Championship. It was great to see Show get his moment while Rhodes had a great run with the title. My views are in parenthesis.* The pre-show saw Primo and Epico retain their Tag Team Championships in a triple threat match against The Uso's and Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Didn't think the titles would change hands, but I think that Kidd and Gabriel are going to make an awesome tag team.) 1. The ending was pretty wild and they both fought a good match that either one could have won.)3.Maybe she's earned herself a shot at the Divas Championship.....) 5. Hopefully this will be the end of those long loosing streaks for Miz and Drew Mc Intyre. Rock and Cena gave it their all but on this night it was the Rock that came out on top.Undertaker beat Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match. As of now John Laurinaitis is in control of both brands.) 7. Great main event to another excellent mania.)Thanks!!Like the match earlier in the evening, the winner would be the first man to climb the ladder and grab the Money in the Bank briefcase, containing the championship match contract.

Only thing I hated was that stupid video he made of Big Show pre match, that was bad .6/10Eve & Beth Phoenix vs. Sadly it marked the end of an era which means we won't see something like this anymore.Show's KO punch really looks like it hurts bad.) 4.Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos beat Eve and Beth Phoenix. However I find it funny that Maria now holds two victories over Beth Phoenix. (I predicted that Team Johnny would win as well and it was nice to see The Miz get the pin for the win.After newcomer "Hacksaw" Butch Reed debuted within the promotion, Duggan and Reed had a personal feud for a time over who would be the true "Hacksaw". During this time, Duggan interfered in a Di Biase/JYD match while wearing a gorilla suit, causing JYD to lose a "Loser Leaves Town" match in New Orleans, Louisiana.The Rats also feuded with stars such as Reed, Magnum T. After Di Biase aligned himself with Skandor Akbar, Duggan refused to go along with him and became a face for the first time in his career.Le 8 septembre, il réussit à conserver sa ceinture contre Snitsky en gagnant en 47 secondes.Lors d'un house show le 27 septembre à Paris Bercy, Santino conserve son titre intercontinental face à Kofi Kingston (Beth Phoenix était aux abords du ring).During this time, Duggan was known by two in-ring aliases: in the United States as "Big" Jim Duggan and in Hawaii as The Convict, a masked wrestler.After wrestling for a Birmingham, Alabama-based promotion, Duggan began wrestling in a promotion based in San Antonio, Texas where he adopted his well-known "Hacksaw" nickname. Il est le fondateur des arts martiaux canadiens et d'un centre de formation de lutte professionnelle qui se prénomme "Battle Arts Academy".Il est double champion intercontinental de la WWE, une fois champion par équipes de la WWE avec Vladimir Kozlov et une fois champion des États-Unis de la WWE.