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This lead to as much as 200,000 burial mounds being created in the island over the following millennia.

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Bahrain is a well known Arabian Gulf country despite being small country; it has got influential voice across the region. Oil, fishing, natural gas and pearls are the main resources of the economy.

Also, due to its fresh water natural springs under the sea and pearl fishing, Bahrain has been a constant target of interest by armies and empires through the ages.

Persians, Greeks, Ottomans, Arabs, Portuguese and more recently the British, all played an important role into the history, culture and heritage present in Bahrain.

Nowadays, Bahrain is not only the most liberal Islamic country within the whole of all the Arab World, but it is certainly is the coolest! What strikes me most – from a foreigner’s point of view – is that it has very relaxed rules and customs when it comes to its religious beliefs.

Women are allowed to drive, and not mandated to wear a Burka, or a Niqab, or an Abaya or even a Hijab.

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This is very empowering for the Bahrain Arab Women, which means that they can indulge themselves in walking in broad daylight with full makeup and hair does. Also, there are presently over 25 faiths and respective churches in operation and about 60% of its population are expats, so the cultural diversity is immense.

The discovery of oil has led to rapid modernization of the Bahrain way of life, and within a few decades people went from living in desert tents to indulging the comforts of the Western world inside new 300 plus meter high skyscrapers, which are rapidly changing the Manama skyline.