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” So, I took it upon myself to do a little research about the band and back hair in general.

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As it turns out, the band (Fabulous Diamonds) did in fact release their debut album (Seven Songs) featuring the image of an overly hairy man being comforted by what appears to be a very attractive woman. After looking at it more closely, however, I began to believe that it probably was a real photo.

(Herein lies the paradox of the bodybuilder: he spends much of his life striving for a body that is attractive to the opposite sex, but then discovers that women are not generally turned on by a man that loves his own body more than he loves theirs.) The other day, I popped in to a new, trendy-looking barber shop round the corner from where I live.

When I was informed of the price of a haircut – £20 – I backed slowly towards the door; as I did so the proprietor shouted sales pitches after me. “And we’ll wax your back.” I scarpered quick smart.

Mentally play some harp music and envision a blurry scene change and let's explore in a point/counterpoint...

Point: The Case For Hairy Men, by Michelle Ruiz When I see the rare hairless cat in the wild, or catch Mr. I feel pretty much the same way about hairless guys.

But, I must admit, that degree of sympathy is dwarfed by my feelings of incredulity and disparagement.

Because for all the jabber about metrosexuality and New Men, the fact remains that having an undue amount of concern with your appearance simply is not very masculine. If the answer to these questions is yes, you are cursed.

But grown men, if they're really lucky, have sprouted a downy coating of fur that clearly lets women know that they're virile beasts.

If hair comes from testosterone, and testosterone powers the male sex drive, it only follows that copious hair = Sex God.

So, I set out to answer this question by asking friends and finding other hairy-backed men’s images online.

Out of the 20 or so women I asked, not a single one of them said they actually liked back hair. ) But, I did find a bunch of really funny hair / back hair images to share with you. Rounding up the end of our funny hairy back photos collection, we have this guy!