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Which means one thing: It’s time to binge-watch some TV. Because let’s be honest: You’re not leaving your couch except to sweep off your stoop.Here, we’ve gathered up over a dozen picks for streamable TV shows that are perfect for marathoning on a snow day, whether you’re into the classics like FX’s dramatized take on the O. Simpson story adapts author Jeffrey Toobin’s book about the case to television with a fantastic cast that includes Cuba Gooding Jr.Explanation: Myth Busters Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Scottie Chapman recreated history when they tested whether an ancient urn found in Baghdad could've been used as some sort of battery. The artifact contained a copper pipe with an iron rod in its center - which could've served as the battery's electrodes - and had an asphalt cork at the top.Discovered in the 1930s, the urn dated back to sometime between 250 B. Still inside the urn was the residue of an acidic liquid that could've provided the electrolyte element to bring the battery to life.He and his wife Erika Dates, who have been married since 2009, were looking to start a family all these years.Now finally, they will be welcoming a new member to their family.Some episodes are sad, and others are silly, but all of them are worth checking out — even if you aren’t stoned like every character on the show. The show starred Moore as Mary Richards, the first independent, career-minded woman as a main character in the history if television in the U. , at least you’ll be able to feel like you did — and have some laughs along the way.Join host Billy Eichner in New York City as he harasses passersby with ridiculous questions such as “Would you sleep with Paul Rudd?

This adds to the 'transparent' feel of the show's experimental processes and also its 'enthusiastic amateur' appeal, which is helped by the enthusiasm, energy, competence and personality quirks of its hosts.

I thought to myself, 'I want to do that someday.' It wasn't until the Episode I issue of Cinefex came out, and I found a picture of me standing by the Federation battleship in front of a bluescreen, that I remembered that childhood dream.

Was almost arrested when he was 19 for detonating a pipe bomb at his home.

The series follows Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), two selfish, mean people who fall in love, which is difficult, considering they aren’t relationship people (remember: selfish and mean).

Still, the show doesn’t shy away from more series topics, like PTSD and clinical depression. The show takes place behind the scenes of a late-night talk show, using the setting to dissect celebrity and public persona that allows guest stars like David Duchovny to play off themselves.

as Simpson, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, and Courtney B. Sure, the conclusion is foregone, but director and executive producer Ryan Murphy and his crew manage to keep the series taught and suspenseful.

The snow may be keeping you from getting your own delivery, but you can still follow The Guy (actor Ben Sinclair) around the streets of New York City as he drops off weed to customers and helps solve their existential problems in this elevated HBO stoner comedy. “Chuckles Bites the Dust,” one of the best sitcom episodes of all time.

Its hosts are special effects experts, artists and electrical engineers who test urban myths using their technical skills and expertise.

These so-called 'myths' are drawn from history, submissions from the Discovery fansite, youtube, the news, and hearsay.

Chris’s in laws have also joined the Webber family in their home in Detroit, Michigan.

Sources have stated that the pair intend to make the arrival of their child a family affair and do not want any media involvement.