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Videoconferencing implies the use of this technology for a group or organizational meeting rather than for individuals, in a videoconference.

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But if mornings are hard enough without having to figure out what to eat, we totally get it — and we've got a few quick, breakfast ideas for when you're rushing out the door.

The climax to Peter Weir’s wonderful Oscar-winning film Gallipoli – when a British officer sends successive waves of raw Australians to their deaths in a futile attempt to take a Turkish trench system – is typical of the way the whole campaign, which began one 100 years ago today, has been rewritten to suit Antipodean sensibilities. Dismounted troops of the Australian light horse had been ordered to capture a Turkish position known as the Nek, just 150 yards away.

History has rightly condemned the action at the Nek as tragic and unnecessary.

For many Australians it is seen as a vital moment in their struggle for national identity: a tale of heroic young colonials sent needlessly to their deaths by incompetent and vindictive British officers who were hoping to distract the Turks from the landings at nearby Suvla.

The role of proteins in the nitrogen nutrition of ectomycorrhizal plants. The utilization of peptides by birch (Betula pendula L.) infected with different mycorrhizal fungi.

It is a concern for a small yet growing proportion of the nation's shoppers: is the "liquid gold" in my jar worth all the buzz – and the £30 I paid for it?

, meal timing can have an effect on your risk for conditions such as heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and reduced insulin sensitivity.

For the study, researchers from Columbia University analysed previous studies on breakfast and heart disease, finding that people who eat breakfast daily were less likely to have high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Instead, as Australian author L A Carlyon makes clear in his excellent account of the campaign, it was “mostly the work of two Australian incompetents” – Brigadier-General Hughes and Colonel Antill.Meanwhile, those who skipped breakfast and snacked throughout the day were more likely to have poor nutrition and were at a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.To be specific, those who skipped breakfast had a 27 per cent increased risk of suffering from a heart attack, and a 15 per cent higher risk of having a stroke. Onge explained that this could be explained by studies on animals, which have shown that when they receive food during inactive states (such as when resting or sleeping), their internal clocks are reset in a way that can change their metabolism, leading to insulin resistance.Wilfrid was last seen “running forward like a schoolboy in a foot race”. Of the 500 men who charged that day, almost half were killed.On the first day of the Somme, by comparison, the fatalities were one in five.After the first two waves had been cut down within yards of their own trench, their commanding officer requested a cancellation (a request carried in the film at great risk by Mel Gibson’s character).He was refused and a third wave – including the sprinter Wilfrid Harper, on whom the Archie Hamilton character was based – went the way of the previous two.Because a scandal is sweeping the world's most rarefied beehives and the supply chain that connects them to its most extravagant buyers of honey.Manuka has for years been touted by celebrities and health-food fans as a sweet elixir.Known as the "daytime Studio 54", As a leader in the globalisation of fashion Fiorucci would scour the globe, introducing a newly affluent mass market to underground trends such as thongs from Brazil and Afghan coats.The label popularised camouflage prints and leopard-skin prints before creating the designer jean market with the invention of stretch jeans.