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Does anyone know the name of the song that runs at the end of the episode when Carrie is talking to Aidan while they wait for their reservation? I've checked the HBO site and doesn't have the entire episode's music list.

You have to have a rock-solid sense that this person will not harm you or your feelings in any way. All that said, the way they structure this show clearly makes all of these people -- Bachelorettes, Bachelors, guy contestants, girl contestants, everyone -- so goddamn primed and prepared to do the horizontal Electric Slide that it's almost unfathomable. Jo Jo makes it pretty concrete that she's not going to tell anyone she loves them until they're about to get fake-engaged, and she doesn't waver for Robby. Aside from that, dude is pretty airtight at the moment. There are also some horrendously solipsistic moments, like when he says that last week, he checked the "final box" of her meeting his family -- completely forgetting that he hasn't met hers, which for even slightly less narcissistically hellbent personalities, is a big box.Charlotte gets a fertility test which confirms her chances are only 15%.Meanwhile Samantha longs for a Birkin, the ultimate status handbag, and abuses her star-client Lucy Liu's name to jump the five years waiting list...Curtis, in a 103-page filing, repeatedly said the young women's lies put him in prison.But attorneys for the four women - three of them were victims in the earlier criminal case in Barry County Circuit Court - say Curtis didn't offer a response to the summary judgment motion and didn't file an affidavit to explain his version of events.GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Former Major Leaguer Chad Curtis will be in court, via video link from prison, on Monday, Oct.26, to defend a motion for summary judgment by former student-athletes who accused him of sexual assault at Lakewood High School. Images Courtesy: Chicopee Police Department " data-medium-file="" data-large-file=" During the Extended Lingering Goodbye Phase that you get at this point of the show, Luke does a masterful job of making Jo Jo feel shitty despite doing nothing wrong -- she just cut one dude as Chris Harrison mandated. It mainly consists of Robby telling her she loves him, and Robby pulling out the ace up his sleeve, which is actually a note down his pants pockets, from his dad. -Dad." Robby's dad loves him and feels comfortable admitting it. In the end, she went with her first thoughts: Luke is done.