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While you may find dog stairs and ramps at the big name pet stores like Petco and Pet Smart or even Walmart, the ones they sell are made from hard wood, plastic or metal, which can do as much harm as good for dogs that are prone to back problems.

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He will readily identify himself by his profession or career.

Abraham Maslow lists self-esteem at the top of man's hierarchy of needs -- behind only food, shelter and interpersonal relationships. Western man looks to external accomplishments for self-respect, driven by a need to achieve what others will recognize as status symbols.

"I'm a stockbroker, a vice president of marketing, a Harvard graduate." If others are impressed, it reassures us that we're important.

To investigate the state of manager effectiveness in the GCC region, Gallup studied 3,477 managers from companies in the oil and gas, banking and finance, property development, tourism, automotive, and telecommunications sectors.

For the purpose of this study, a GCC manager was defined as a person responsible for directing at least one subordinate.

Lasara, about 19 km north Jaijon, also contains a stone temple stated to date back to the time of Pandavas.

The area of present Hoshiarpur District was also part of Indus Valley Civilization.

Recent excavations at various sites in the district have revealed that the entire area near the Shiwalik foothills was selected for habitation not only by the early palaeolithic man but also by those in the protohistoric and historic periods.

In the explorations, seven early Stone Age sited a Atbarapur, Rehmanpur and Takhni, 30-40 km north of Hoshiarpur District in the foothills of Shiwalik, have been discovered where the stone artifacts have been found.

In the Hoshiarpur District, Shiwaliks from Talwara on the Beas to Rupnagar on the Satluj have revealed the presence of Acheolian and Soanian cultures.

He is best known for his lead role 'Vir Mehra' in the series "Kya Mast Hai Life" and as 'Anant Bajpai' in "Navya".

Besides these excavations, among the archaeological remains in the Hoshiarpur District, the remains of temples at Dholbaha, 24 km north of Hoshiarpur, and especially the local legends throw valauble light on the ancient history of the district.

The legends associate several places in the district with pandavas.

A good number of these businesses are launching initiatives aimed at selecting, retaining, and engaging managers -- and ultimately, engaging the employees in those managers' workgroups.

That's because increasing engagement can help companies improve performance across a host of key business outcomes, from reducing absenteeism and turnover to increasing productivity and profitability.

And those with the good fortune to achieve such "success" will always live in fear of losing it through circumstances beyond their control.

We may have all the talent in the world, but we can end up tripping on the pavement and missing the interview!