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is an American actress, dancer, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman.
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Kinematic Shorts project was launched in 2012 as a program of short films and animations which Tree Films agency was carefully selecting through main international festivals.These programs were screened in cinemas all over Russia โ€“ around 25 cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg along with main big regional centers.Despite his consuming obsession with a mysterious radio signal that is jokingly assumed to have come from Mars, Loss is furiously jealous of the attentions being given to Natasha by Erlich, a low-ranking and corrupt Soviet official who pines for his luxurious prerevolution lifestyle.Loss vascillates without reason between being a scientist of things Martian and a furious and earthly husband.Aelita was over for the opening in New York from her home in Melbourne, along with her parents Michael Andre and Nikka Kalashnikova.Both artists in their own right, they say she has been painting since she was 20 months old.Meanwhile, on Mars, curious Queen Aelita is wasting the planet's energy supply by using a newly invented telescope to watch Earthlings. The movie is mainly valuable for the early science fiction settings.

As a young woman, she had once incurred an enormous gambling debt, which she ...Nobody knows what it is, but it's really the son of Doctor Salvator. See full summary ยป The science fiction film "Kosmicheskii Reis" was first shown in Soviet theaters in January 1936.Soviet cinematographers created a progressively realistic image of a journey to the moon in ...This movie may hold the record for having the most unnecessary subplots.There's a man who is training to be a spy/private detective/undercover policeman (the professions seem kind of mixed up) and then there's a soldier who has had much experience `winning over' neighboring lands to the Soviet Union.From the director and year of excellent "The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari" this work was eventually overshadowed by the success of Caligari.After four years our project has grown from the short film almanac to viewer film festival.Revealing mistakes: When Gor is first shown in the same scene as the Princess Aelita, and he descends a flight of stairs, he trips on one of the steps and for an instant he looses his seriousness and grins.The aliens from the Earth bring to the enslaved workers of Mars the liberating revelation of socialism and thwart a class-based power struggle.Ultimately Loss returns to Earth to once again get down to the noble cause of rebuilding Soviet Russia.