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Landscapes have been central to Adams' work for more than twenty years, and after moving back to Cornwall in 2005 her focus shifted to the cliffs and rock formations of the north coast. Sarah Adams will be exhibiting a new suite of coastal paintings at The Maas Gallery this November, her first for two years.

Since 2007, Sarah Adams has exhibited her work at The Maas Gallery. The show is centred on the extraordinary variety of hues in the rocks along the Atlantic edge of North Cornwall.

New Install of cabinets can improve the functionality and storage space availability of each area where cabinets are located in your home. If you chose refinishing of your existing cabinets this process will improve the aesthetics of your cabinets at a more cost effective rate.

Depending on the age of your home and the condition of your existing cabinets will determine what option is available to you.

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The design engineer will utilize knowledge of engineering and design principles as well as using imagination, creativity, functionally; Utilize 3D design principles to increase the efficiency design; modify and refine design per clients’ specifications, model concepts and other computer aided design software, tools; Have strong problem solving skills, capable coming up with generating creative approaches for new creative and functional ideas.

Engineered wood floors have become very popular because of its cost efficiency and remarkable ability to withstand fluctuations in humidity without shifting and/or changing.

Engineered wood consists of several thin layers of solid wood fused together with heat, glue and pressure.

Its cross-grain construction alternates layers opposite one another which results in each individual layer to expand and contract in different directions with little to no visible change.

Since engineered wood is resistant to humidity changes, it can be applied to a wider variety of installations where solid wood floors would not be utilized.

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Her connection with Cornwall began in 1980, when she enrolled on the Foundation Course at Falmouth School of Art.

She went on to study at Cheltenham and the Royal College of Art, and has lived and painted in London, South India and Jersey.

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