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We are a proven Black dating site that helps African American singles find long lasting relationships.
With a commitment to connecting black singles worldwide, we bring to you a safe and easy platform designed to help you meet your love match.

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A recent Pew survey on remarriage found that divorce rates for older Americans have doubled since 1990 and one in two divorced or widowed seniors had remarried in 2013.That represents a big boost for senior dating sites and an increase in the number of older singles populating the big sites like Bing Ads policies help advertisers learn what makes a great ad, as well as what is and isn’t allowed in them.The ad and keyword editorial review is a quality check to help ensure that ads are well written and relevant to potential customers.Style policy highlights: There are two specific content policies that will help you eliminate redundancy, low quality ads or confusing user experiences.

Facebook’s ad review time can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 days.

A companion/dating site for older adults age 50 and over, Stitch launched earlier this year in San Francisco and is accepting signups from users in other areas of the country.

New York City and Los Angeles are up next and will launch when enough people have registered from these areas.

Your image is carefully curated, your copy is finely tuned, and your targeting is carefully calibrated. While your ads are “pending review,” anything can happen.

You submit it for review, and you end up receiving a notification that says that your ad has not been approved. Sometimes good ads are rejected or bad ads are approved.

Once your ad is created, it ends up in a review queue where a team of highly trained Facebook employees will review it and then either approve or reject it.

Analyzing Ad Espresso’s data on ad approval time, we see that you can usually expect a faster review if you publish your ads on business days from 8am – 8pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) with mornings tending to work even better.

After you submit an ad group, the content goes through a review to ensure that it meets Bing Ads policies.

If your ads and keywords don't raise any flags, they pass the review and become active.

Something we always get questions about is why Facebook ads get rejected.

You’ve worked really hard to get your Facebook ad just right.