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Under that, and above reputation, should be a gray sentence saying "Click here to show quests." Click that and it will bring up a page showing you different quests.

Starting out, you should have just one that has a percentage other than zero, called "Ready or Not." If it is not already gray, just click it again to select it.

One of these is obtained for free upon advancing while the other requires the Skill Slot Expansion (Transcendent) item, which can be bought from the Item Mall or from other players.

Upon advancing to the transcendent state, the awakening animation will be modified.

If the character has already reached transcendence, they can change their class with the Transcendence Job Change Ticket.

Upon advancing to this new transcendent state, the skill tree will be expanded to include the new Transcendent skills.

Originally this was supposed to be attached onto SQFP3.3, but due to bug issues, it was not possible. I defy you to say that about 90% of even PROFESSIONAL material.

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There might be a killing and crafting task associated with each quest that you can switch between by clicking the different task button on the left page.

WARNING: This show will melt your face and ears with sheer blistering awesome!

I think it would have worked better if you combined this part with the last one, but I guess you couldn't.

Two of these skills will be locked and can only be obtained by completing the corresponding Skill Quest or by purchasing the Forbidden Secret Manual from the Item Mall.

Additionally, you will be able to use two new Transcendent Skill Slots.

Transcendence is described as a "3rd job" despite still being the same class.

At level 70 and 2nd job, players are able to "job advance" to bring out their abilities beyond their limits to unlock new skills and enhancements to existing abilities.

There have been questions on how to claim rewards, so I am trying my best to clear it up!

When you first open your Quest Book, you should see the intro of the book on the right, and the Mad Pack 3 Image on the left.

On the right near the bottom there will be a button saying "Open," under a list of quests you have available and etc. Or maybe you want to use your saddle on a Moa." This quest is quite simple. In order to craft the saddle, you need leather and string.

Once you click open, it simply works as the Minecraft achievement list. Leather can be obtained by killing cows, as usual, but what about the string?